In accordance with Bapepam-LK Regulation No. IX.I.7, Appendix to the Head of Bapepam-LK Decision Letter No. Kep-496/BL/2008 dated November 28, 2008 regarding the Establishment and Guidance to the Formulation of Internal Audit Charter, as updated by Financial Services Authority Regulation No.56/POJK.04/2015 dated 23 December 2015 and enacted on 29 December 2015, and Indonesia Stock Exchange Regulation No. I-A, Appendix to IDX Board of Directors’ Decision Letter No. Kep- 00001/BEI/01-2014 dated January 20, 2014 and effective January 30, 2014 concerning the Listing of Stock and Equity other than Stocks Issued by Public Listed Companies, and, the Company appointed Toto Wirawan Shahri S.E., M.M, as Head of the Company’s Internal Audit Unit, effective November 10, 2014.






Toto W2

Toto Wirawan Shahri, S.E., M.M


Career and Work Experience
Toto Wirawan Shahri served as Internal Audit Manager at PT Wiramaju Kharisma Jaya in 1993. During 2000 – 2006, he was appointed as Finance Business Development Senior Manager at PT Hero Supermarket Tbk. Between 2007 – 2008, he was CFO at PT Indonesia Computer Square.


Academic Background

He earned bachelor degree in Economics majoring Accounting from Borobudur University, Jakarta in 1992 and a Master of Financial Management from Persada Indonesia YAI University, Jakarta in 1996.




As in the Internal Audit Charter, Internal Audit Unit of the Company takes on the following roles:

grey dot   Formulating and implementing annual Internal Audit plan;

grey dot   Analyzing and evaluating the implementation of internal control and risk management system

     according to the company’s policy;

grey dot   Assessing and evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness in finance, accounting, operation,

     human resources marketing, information technology and other activities;

grey dot   To provide advice for improvements and objective information about audit activities across all management levels;

grey dot   To present audit report and submit the report to Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company;

grey dot   Monitoring, analyzing and reporting the follow- up for improvements as recommended;

grey dot   Holding cooperation with the Audit Committee;

grey dot   Formulating a program of evaluating quality of internal audit activities; and

grey dot   Conducting a special audit if necessary.




The Company has applied a violation reporting mechanism system to facilitate preventive efforts and identification of the actions and potential violation in the company. Violation reporting mechanism system gives protection to the interests of the leaders, employees and external parties, reporting the violation cases. The violation cases are reported to the management or other institutions authorised for taking actions against the violation cases.


Violation cases include violation against business ethics, work ethics, corporate policies, prevailing regulations, Article of Association, agreements with external parties, corporate confidentiality and other actions that can bring adverse impact on the company. The Company until now continues making system improvement and the implementation is expected to be able improve quality of GCG implementation.