PT Multipolar Tbk, subsequently referred to as “the Company”, is the holding company for a number of subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective businesses.


Founded in 1975 as an electronics retailer, the Company has evolved into a strategic investment company with business focuses in the retail and technology, multimedia and telecommunication (TMT) segments. The Company has expanded its business into many regions in Indonesia, strengthening its competitiveness with the most extensive market coverage in the country.


The Company’s main business in the retail segment is PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPPA), one of the dominant players in the FMCG retail sector, which operates one of the largest hypermarket store networks in Indonesia. Over the years, MPPA’s multiformat stores have earned a reputation as modern retail outlets offering high quality products and service for the middle to higher income market.


Another well-established business in the Company’s retail portfolio is Matahari Department Store (MDS). In 1972, MDS introduced the modern department store concept to Indonesia and has since consolidated its leadership as Indonesia’s preferred department store. MDS’s department store concept is modern, spacious and convenient, offering a wide assortment of lifestyle merchandise from fashion apparel, accessories and beauty to home products.


Another subsidiary in the retail segment is PT Gratia Prima Indonesia, which operates the Books&Beyond bookstore chain. Books&Beyond offers a wide range of books and high quality stationery in a modern, accessible store concept to match the growing interest in reading among Indonesians.


Also in the retail segment is PT Matahari Graha Fantasi, which operates Timezone. As a family entertainment provider, Timezone is constantly innovating in order to deliver educational experiences for children based on the ‘learning through play’ approach.


In the TMT segment, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (MLPT) has earned a reputation as a premier IT solution provider in Indonesia, while its subsidiary PT Visionet Internasional (VisioNet) focuses on IT managed services. In the multimedia segment, PT First Media Tbk has invested in the largest Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network in Indonesia, offering its customers integrated cable TV, broadband internet and data communication services through a single fiber optic cable.


To expand its Pay TV market nationwide, the Company established PT Indonesia Media Televisi in 2014, which operates a pay TV service under the BigTV brand, offering the largest number of channels in the industry.


Another subsidiary of the Company, PT Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk (MMI), offers modern data archiving and document management services. Specifically, MMI provides computer data management, confidential document storage, media transfer, EDC slip management, as well as facility management and hardware and software supplies.





Operating telecommunication service, informatics industry, general trading, including import, export, inter insular, local and retail, property/real estate development and management service, and shop space rental. Currently, the Company is the holding company of a number of subsidiaries that run trading business, retail, technology, multimedia, and document archives.